Housing Trust Fund Bill passes the Senate, moves onto the Governor

On Wednesday October 23, the state Senate passed HB 792 by a vote of 47-1. It is on its way to the Governor!

THANK YOU to Representative Killion, Senator Vogel, and Senator Kitchen for all your work to increase the availability of homes within reach of all Pennsylvanians.

THANK YOU to our members who made phones calls, wrote letters, or visited your representatives and senators. You made it happen!

Here’s what happens now. The bill is not actually on the gov’s desk yet.

  • It is signed in the Senate as having passed.
  • It is signed in the House. (DONE)
  • It is sent to the governor and the 10 day clock starts ticking.
  • Once the governor has it he has three choices: Sign it, veto it, or wait 10 days and let it become law without his signature.